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Happy 62nd birthday to Bill Watterson! Im sure he never dreamed how much Calvin & Hobbes would touch the lives of so many people in such a meaningful and enduring way. #HappyBirthday #BillWatterson #CalvinAndHobbes

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@globcoco Just found this posted at, and thought it could be an interesting read for you?


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A storm in 5000 char?

Yes, and that's per post -- ten times the measly 500 chars allowed in the mastodon instances normally.

I told a friend that I maxed out even the 5,000 characters here the other day. Sending a private message, a long letter that had about 7,000 overall when I was done.

So nice to have space to work with. When I have to post in Twitter it's even worse, as it's only 240 chars there, and no alternative.

But here, just shop around and find a nicer place to make a home at.

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@globcoco Yes, I remember that well -- we were looking all over for the MarkDown as default Toot format control.

And I couldn't seem to find it.

Just looked again and there it is. Snapshot attached.

on :

Somehow you managed to get it working, you might have bumped into that control, as it's the ONLY place I see around here with MD selection.

as Default Toot format.

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@rgx @globcoco @nipos Yeah that's another thing I love about having multiple accounts on various instances

I have been coached by quite a few people.
Some were good, some really bad in terms of ethic and projections of their own views and believes...

My goal is to develop good practice and abide by principles that allow me to facilitate the process of individuation and meet each individual in the most wholistic and humanistic manner.

I am more and more aware that traumas in one's life and/or transgenerational have to be taken into account if one wants to free themselves and live aligned with themselves.

So I want to look into this asap...

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BlogChats idea.

From meandering around in found links, a snippet of a post which I think @globcoco might find interesting.

Blogchat is a misnomer because I interview people over e-mail. But the actual conversation comes alive when it is posted to the blog.[1] But I don’t want to call them ‘e-mail interviews’—I feel I can classify them blogchats and be done. Much as people say ‘slide into my DMs’ but reality is nothing of the kind—one stiltingly, jarringly skids into my DMs.

From this page -- but referred there by this other one.

I have used a similar idea, of collating toot conversations into a later blog post, and found it quite enjoyable. Allowing for more polish, edited text for style, adding reference links, images. A good example is one of my own favourite pages, this one.

The blogchat article above introduced some new things -- like the fact that it could comprise a conversation via email, or other method, that could develop over a longer period, weeks, months instead of a few minutes where people are in touch via a fediverse thread.

ideas on modern experiments

is this.

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Write.Freely Blogs -- showing an Excerpt :

I had asked, remembered seeing a mention to this a long time ago (when I was starting in WF, and there was so much to learn already).

There's a way to show an Excerpt -- just a stub, a small part of each post in your Blog, if the reader arrives there via its URL.

The Excerpt will show a small part of each page, and make it easier for a visitor to see what topics you have covered, before selecting which ones to read in full.

This is not the default display in the WF blogs, which will show Full Articles to a visitor. And if our pages are long, there's a lot of scrolling just to get an idea of what's covered in this particular blog.

Thanks to Ange at, my WF host, who sent me a link to the Writing Guide, I located the feature and how to do it.

Here's the paragraph in question :

Showing an excerpt

By default, your blog home page shows every post fully. However, you can choose to show an excerpt instead on any posts you want, creating a "Read more..." link at the end of the post that readers can click to get the full story.

To do this, simply insert <!--more--> where you'd like to split the post and end the excerpt. A great place for this is at the end of a paragraph.

And the result is a much more compact display on my own blog, now with about 70 pages almost.

Sharing this as I am certain that @globcoco and other writers might be interested and benefit.

I was wrong.

I have written some posts on the importance of developping autonomy and how individuation needs to take place.

I said: “The process of becoming whole can happen only if and when individuation takes place."

But, what if things are actually running through you and you are not aware of it.
A a person, you have had experiences, traumas yourself but traumas can be passed down from a generation to the next. Even to the 3rd generation...

In learning more about that, I am thinking that yes individuation and self sufficiency and independence are very important but there are some healing that needs to take place beyond one's own life.

That is what I am realizing right now and that may shift things on how I am looking at things in my personal life and in relationship with others.

Thanks for reading folks.
Cheers to you.

As @rgx does it, I am going to use the instances to put some thoughts out and then begin shaping posts.

I never done it this way before and I find that a really dynamic and interesting way as the exchange allows for deep and meaningful thoughts... We'll see if this will help me create better posts.



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@globcoco I chose it with care. I have a ton of directories with all kids of things saved.

One is "Avatars and Backgrounds".

If I come across a nice image, I might save it -- a background is usually a
1500 x 500 pixels for mastodon.


Your background image looks quite nerdy .

This is super fun!

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