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The Web We Have to Save

"The Web We Have to Save
The rich, diverse, free web that I loved — and spent years in an Iranian jail for — is dying.

Why is nobody stopping it?"

See the Full Article Here

Amazing art on the post header. See the FULL SIZE image here, lots of detail

This article is brilliantly written and illustrated. 🤔

Partial Quote below :

"Is this trend driven by people’s changing cultural habits, or is it that people are following the new laws of social networking? I don’t know — that’s for researchers to find out — but it feels like it’s reviving old cultural wars. After all, the web started out by imitating books and for many years, it was heavily dominated by text, by hypertext. Search engines put huge value on these things, and entire companies — entire monopolies — were built off the back of them. But as the number of image scanners and digital photos and video cameras grows exponentially, this seems to be changing. Search tools are starting to add advanced image recognition algorithms; advertising money is flowing there.

But the Stream, mobile applications, and moving images: They all show a departure from a books-internet toward a television-internet. We seem to have gone from a non-linear mode of communication — nodes and networks and links — toward a linear one, with centralization and hierarchies.

The web was not envisioned as a form of television when it was invented. But, like it or not, it is rapidly resembling TV: linear, passive, programmed and inward-looking."

Must Read. 😉

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FediRenderer - A much needed Mastodon tool

Long wished for, a way to view user data Backups

'FediRenderer' -- a project for a much needed new tool for viewing User Backup Exports from Mastodon instances in the Fediverse.

See a backed up toot as displayed by the viewer?

We have a working FediRenderer. And some background as well. Plus, very detailed, illustrated instructions for new users.

Sharing this in hope we can find people who value the idea and could take part in it in any way - contributing, suggesting, etc.

That is the Topic of today's Blog

new tool...

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* Muensterland.Social – a new Instance joined. *

Have been thinking about new and better Instances. [Part 2]

This morning, I wrote this Toot at a new Glitch-Social instance, which I found and registered at late last night.

Now I am writing this Blog page, to document and describe not only the process, but mainly the Why — the reasons which lead me to look for alternatives in Fediverse, what they can offer, etc.

Why look for a change?

I am REALLY committed to leaving Mastodon behind and moving to better platforms.

GlitchSocial is one, Pleroma is another, I have accounts in BOTH types of instances, and love their added features, design improvements, and many, many new things.

The new Blog page is now LIVE.

@design_RG - with many Thanks to @nipos

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Hello and thank you to Niklas for offering this service. I was searching for a listing of GlitchSocial instances, surprisingly HARD to find, and the Blog site came up.

I decided to sign up, the server description was delightful, a powerful system, and hosted in the EU. 😸

I have various accounts in the Fediverse, being a Traveler in RL I also enjoy the experience of visiting and getting to know new instances; they are like the local Cafés we visit while on the road.

GlitchSocial is very desirable to me as I can really use the Markdown formatting it enables to get better visual design in my posts. (I am picky and fussy about layout, presentation).

I love writing and could really use a good home for my Blog post announcements; currently I do them from my other account, the main one, which unfortunately suffers from the small minded and heavy handed Fedi Block brigade b*s.

So, thank you -- I am getting comfortable, the system is tremendously responsive, and I have got a Wide Screen layout working perfectly -- just the way I like it. Adding a screenshot here. 😃

@realcaseyrollins --- this is a great GS if you want to try it.

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Just read this on Reuters - I had seen some of the photos yesterday on The Guardian, and found it quite touching.

"The man who saves forgotten cats at the Fukushima nuclear zone"

Windows 10, change System Font for a better one?

Something I have done, and planned to post about

A simple change which I am really enjoying. For Windows 10 users, the default System font is the new 'Segoe UI' font and its variants, all included in the default Windows 10 install.

However, it IS possible to change it, to whichever font you feel would be more readable, or prettier, or that you prefer for any reason.

A quick search will reveal many pages written about this topic, and even videos for those who prefer that form of presentation.

Why change it?

Because, there are better alternatives. Microsoft itself developed at least two families of Fonts in the 1990's which were specifically designed and optimized for on-screen reading. They are outstanding for that. These fonts are:

Georgia - a Serif font, which I would recommend as a replacement for your default Browser font, instead of the plain Times New Roman usually configured by their developer.

Verdana - a Sans Serif font which is an improvement on the Arial font, and could also be adopted as a better one for Browser default. (Arial and Sans being usually the browser predefined picks).

And now here it is. A Guide on how to easily improve system wide readability...

That is the topic of Today's Blog Page

information gathering for us all..

is beautiful.

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Hello Niklas! @nipos

Good afternoon, hope all is well with you.

I have just installed a PWA version of the Pinafore client I always use, and am having trouble adding my account to it.

This is a new install, no instances are configured; the other install worked fine yesterday, it has an access token.

Trying to add MS to Pinafore gives the error message shown in screenshot. I have added a couple of other instances, and it's working normally. I think the problem here is a CORS issue.

Nolan has a page for admins explaining it ;

We need the access control I think; I don't see it on the source code for this page as I write, logged in via web client to the instance.

Thank you!!

of choice for me

recommended, tools of the trade.

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Installing a PWA app locally - SUPER Easy

I had read a bit about this, and tried, to get a local copy of Pinafore fediverse client. With NodeJS and Nativefier, it works in some cases, but didn't for Pinafore in my case.

Tried again to find a solution and just discovered this page - and it worked, it's super simple, no NodeJS or black magic neeed. Really.

I am writing this via my Developer branch Pinafore client, installed from

(the regular, stable version is homed at )

How to do it ?

Read the article and get it installed - only caveat is you will need a Chrome family browser to do it (not the dreaded Google Chrome spyware). I suggest Bravo browser, which I recently started using and am quite impressed by. Or the new Chromium based version of Microsoft Edge, which is quite good too.

Seriously, it takes no effort at all.

Article is here :

Recommended reading. #pwa #chromium #webapp #pinafore

Wishlist - wider rez screens layout support?

In the lovely Pinafore client.

As a laptop user primarily, it's been an uphill battle getting good clients for which recognize and respect the fact we have lots of pixels.

Responsive Design is great - I have started learning and practising it, understand the logic. Good stuff.

But, honestly - the internet has too much to offer for real work to be performed in a mobile device. Content creation, we need better software that allows us to use what's in our chosen platform.

Case in point, Wide Screen Displays.

Which I have made various attempts at getting improvements for. I explain and show screenshots of some solutions and ideas on the post.

Pinafore Responsive Layouts

Shows 3 classes of devices, see screenshots in blog post.

  • Mobile ( 320x480p) portrait/landscape
  • Small Tablet (600x800p) 2 modes also
  • Tablet (768x1024p) standard iPad res, 2 modes also

If we could get a couple of added new, wider classes it would be wonderful. Could we, please ??

That is the topic of Today's Blog post

on the crusade for better wide screen devices support.

(Uphill battle, but we shall persevere)

Wishlist - larger resolution screens layout support

In the lovely .

As a laptop user primarily, it's been an uphill battle getting good clients for which recognize and respect the fact we have lots of pixels.

Responsive Design is great - I have started learning and practising it, understand the logic. Good stuff.

But, honestly - the internet has too much to offer for real work to be performed in a mobile device. Content creation, we need better software that allows us to use what's in our chosen platform.

Case in point, Wide Screen Displays.

Which I have made various attempts at getting improvements for. The default Mastodon web client is not very friendly to wide screens. Yes, there's the TweetDeck like AWI, and I have written and spoken to Eugen with some requests.

Not much success there. I found a great way to use wide screens with the Collapsed Mastodon Firefox addon. It was working wonderful, and was so productive for me that I left aside , my client of choice - other than the small question of it using a single column content panel.

(centered on the screen. On my 1600 pixels wide display, that is using 600 pixels, about 40% of my screen's width. Only. Arghhhhh)

@nolan is a talented programmer, and gracious in listening to us users, he accommodated many requests to make Pinafore the best client for people using Screen Readers, for example.

Now, I am tinkering and trying things out. Posted some screenshots yesterday here, with a comparison - the current layout, and a tweaked, wider content panel, showing 800 pixels screen width. Wowa! Much more information now. 50% of my screen in use!

Maybe its too much?

Eugen and I chatted, and he couldn't understand my wish of having TWO wide panels in the AWI setting, yet those two using the full width of my screen.

That layout is perfect for someone reading and writing long form content, which is my case. It was possible, with Collapsed Mastodon, but changes in mastodon code starting at v.3.08 or so broke the add-on. What it did was no longer possible, so game over there.

This Pinafore at 800 pixels content panel was done by a on the fly css edit, manual. (I scrolled around in the css code until found the right property to change. Worked!!)

Sadly, hitting a Refresh wiped out my handy work. Oh, my.

Is it too wide? Maybe, it's a question of taste; it makes sense to me.

Pinafore Responsive Layouts

Are showing as 3 classes of devices, see my screenshot attached here.

  • Mobile ( 320x480p) portrait/landscape
  • small tablet (600x800p) 2 modes also
  • Tablet (768x1024p) iPad res, 2 modes also

If we could get a couple of added new classes it would be wonderful. Could we, please ??

Desired new modes :

  • laptop with MDPI screen at 1280 x 800 p.
  • laptop with HiDPI screen at 1440 x 900 p.

With these two added, I would be able to see Pinafore in all its elegance and using my screen more efficiently.

I have spoken extensively with @lanodan about getting thise kind of support in place for . He understands, and is working on it; being the only person maintaining that branch of Pleroma's FE project isn't easy, kudos to him.

Now, maybe Nolan could accept this request ? It would be wonderful.

Thank you all for the work you do in benefit of the many fediverse users.

on the crusade for better wide screen devices support.

(Uphill battle, but we shall persevere)

And for comparison purposes, here is a maximized Twitter window in Brave browser. I scaled it up by 125%, while also scaling down the text size. (this to collapse the sidebars wasted spaces)

The content column in this case is 750 pixels wide - close to my Pinafore other wider mockup at 800 pixels above.

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And I have moved many of my activities to Bravo already.

This morning, I needed to use , since it has all my fediverse accounts all configured and saved, logged in.

But it's on Waterfox, and this config is not transferable to another browser at this time. Argh.

So - I had to start Waterfox, one single tab, for , the one I am now writing in.

Saved a Task Manager screenshot, which documents the RAM use. One single tab in Waterfox, showing 6 processes, and nearly 400 MB of ram.

While the Bravo* shows **24 processes, all of it reporting as 269 MB of ram.

Bravo is running TWO separate windows. Total of 6 tabs, including one with Reddit, a reputed hog for resources, yes.

I have taken a snapshot of the Bravo Task Manager tool report - in this exact situation. It shows all the components, their mem use, the loaded tabs and ram use. Impressive.

( Chrome based browsers include this TM tool - easy to access via Shift-Escape key combo. )

Got to mention that I have tuned Bravo for low resource use, so your experience may vary. I am stunned that a Chromium based browser can run so efficiently. 🚀🙂😎

Update to be added to my Blog post, likely...

supporting better browsers for all.

kicks ass.

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@globcoco @joaopinheiro @nipos

Hi friends, good morning!

How are you? Hope all is well. I thought you would like to know that I have installed a Linux Lite op system, in my Thinkpad T500 laptop, and am quite impressed by it.

Smooth installation, no problems at all, all devices recognized and working. Updates followed, and the desktop is simple, light and very functional.

A lovely distribution, I hadn't heard about it but found it in a review of recommended Linux for older machines and laptops. Was also impressed on seeing a fully loaded desktop boot, no apps yet, just the system, but ready for use. This, using about 1.4 GB of RAM, while the same day I was annoyed at seeing my Windows 10 flagship laptop, the one I do all the blog, images, posting, writing in; this one uses 3 GB for the same loaded desktop, no apps yet situation.

I will be working on it, investigating and reporting further - a blog post likely.

For now, wanted to let you know, as I thought you would both be happy with this update.

Have a good day!




Hello, Nolan, good morning!

I wanted to ask a couple of questions - regarding and the configuration of instances in use.

All of the info for these (instance name, user name and authorization token, user selected colour themes, etc) is as we know saved in the user's browser. But that makes it non-portable, even in the same machine, if I wanted to switch to another one.

Which is the case, currently, for me. I have about 20 instances configured in Pinafore, and it really makes it easy to switch and visit whichever I want, anytime.

Could you consider an export or save feature for Pina, which would export a text file with :

  • instances names, and selected colours.
  • maybe the username as well?
  • and save this in the same order as we have in the current pina setup?

With an export like that, we could later import into another browser; maybe even a different device, and keep the full list, order, selected colour schemes.

All we would need is to re-do the authorization in the new device, which is safe as it depends on the user knowing the password.

Thank you for considering this!

tools, Pinafore is the client of choice for the digital .

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A Better Browser Alternative? February 2021

Need a better one?

An update I will share with friends, I have been looking for an alternative to my previous favourite browser. Waterfox, which I have used for years now, is itself an alternative to Firefox, developed based on it, and improved.

But - it has been laggy and acting up on the most recent releases. See the many new topics and people complaining about problems, in the Reddit Waterfox sub-forum. Time to look around for a better tool.

I tried a couple of alternatives, and here there's a summary of info and impressions.

That is the topic of Today's Blog post

updates recommended.

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RT @thegallowboob
this forest noise amplifier is what my life has been missing

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The first version of our first FAQ is online at

So many firsts! Hope this can help you when someone asks you 'so what is this fediverse'.
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