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* Muensterland.Social – a new Instance joined. *

Have been thinking about new and better Instances. [Part 2]

This morning, I wrote this Toot at a new Glitch-Social instance, which I found and registered at late last night.

Now I am writing this Blog page, to document and describe not only the process, but mainly the Why — the reasons which lead me to look for alternatives in Fediverse, what they can offer, etc.

Why look for a change?

I am REALLY committed to leaving Mastodon behind and moving to better platforms.

GlitchSocial is one, Pleroma is another, I have accounts in BOTH types of instances, and love their added features, design improvements, and many, many new things.

The new Blog page is now LIVE.

@design_RG - with many Thanks to @nipos

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Hello and thank you to Niklas for offering this service. I was searching for a listing of GlitchSocial instances, surprisingly HARD to find, and the Blog site came up.

I decided to sign up, the server description was delightful, a powerful system, and hosted in the EU. 😸

I have various accounts in the Fediverse, being a Traveler in RL I also enjoy the experience of visiting and getting to know new instances; they are like the local Cafés we visit while on the road.

GlitchSocial is very desirable to me as I can really use the Markdown formatting it enables to get better visual design in my posts. (I am picky and fussy about layout, presentation).

I love writing and could really use a good home for my Blog post announcements; currently I do them from my other account, the main one, which unfortunately suffers from the small minded and heavy handed Fedi Block brigade b*s.

So, thank you -- I am getting comfortable, the system is tremendously responsive, and I have got a Wide Screen layout working perfectly -- just the way I like it. Adding a screenshot here. 😃

@realcaseyrollins --- this is a great GS if you want to try it.

"Dreading a dark winter lockdown? Think like a Norwegian"

Some beautiful photography and an interesting article at The Guardian.

People in the far North seem to be able to cope with long Winters - and a lot comes from their mindset.

"The Election that could break America"

Must-read, excellent in depth article at The Atlantic -- discussing the what ifs and the possible avenues for the current president to dispute a loss in the upcoming election. And refuse to yield to a loss.

There is a cohort of close observers of our presidential elections, scholars and lawyers and political strategists, who find themselves in the uneasy position of intelligence analysts in the months before 9/11. As November 3 approaches, their screens are blinking red, alight with warnings that the political system does not know how to absorb. They see the obvious signs that we all see, but they also know subtle things that most of us do not. Something dangerous has hove into view, and the nation is lurching into its path.

The danger is not merely that the 2020 election will bring discord. Those who fear something worse take turbulence and controversy for granted. The coronavirus pandemic, a reckless incumbent, a deluge of mail-in ballots, a vandalized Postal Service, a resurgent effort to suppress votes, and a trainload of lawsuits are bearing down on the nation’s creaky electoral machinery."

My ebooks and audiobooks (from @torbooks, @HoZ_Books, @mcsweeneys, and others) are for sale all over the net, but I sell 'em too, and when you buy 'em from me, I earn twice as much and you get books with no DRM and no license "agreements."


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This user took the Russian Vaccine and all is good.

Or is it?

find Thanks Tovarish! 😆

In defence of ssss-low texting

by Rega Jha
A great Blog post at the Times of India. Good read.

A few years ago, I was dating a man who would take hours — hours! — to respond to my messages. It drove me insane. Naturally, I’d give him hell for it. (I was young and “in love” i.e. completely irrational and selfish — do understand.) During one such tantrum, he gifted me the following thought: if I haven’t replied to you, he said, it means I haven’t looked at my phone. And if I’m not looking at my phone, I’m in my good place.

This I understood. The anti-screentime revolution was in full swing, we were all trying to reclaim ourselves from our phones, myself included. It helped, in my unhinged pining to hear from him, to conjure an image of him absorbed in a book, in a conversation with a friend, in a spell of work, or a nap, or even just a thought.

...see the complete article here.

on sabbatical but this needs sharing... 😄

Location Changes – For Privacy or Any Reason

Our Internet Location is Important

So many reasons why. Some sites will not show you content, due to it. Others will carefully track you, even after you have long left. And mobile devices are even worse — if that's possible.

Real solutions can be had, usually for a cost. VPN services offer privacy, anonymity, and access to remote Geo-locations which could unlock some content.

But there are some applications that provide a simpler solution — without creating a real 'tunnel' between you and the remote server.

These work by allowing us to change the device's GPS coordinates readings. And while they will not encrypt or deliver traffic to a far away end point, they DO work for some games and apps. Many times at no cost to the user, so worth considering and testing.

That is the Topic of today's Blog


You should do any similar searches by using the site. Select the type of instance you are interested in, there's sorting by many factors, size being one.

You can check each Instance listed for details -- including their location and their hosting location.

Here's a list of Write.freely instances -- sorted by the number of Statuses they contain. (a good indication of an active place).

And this page shows's details -- including location and hosting arrangements as described above.

Creating this post really shows me how nice MarkDown is -- and how deprived people in plain Vanilla masto instances are... 😄


r/OldSchoolCool - My grandpa always said he had a green thumb, didn’t believe it till I was going through some photo albums (1977)

648 votes and 14 comments so far on Reddit

Happy with this new VPN -- they offer a free 500 MB per month service level with multiple server locations which can be very handy for some people's needs. A quick connect, to get some local info, it works well. 👍

You can add an extra 1 GB for the month's quota, by twetting

RT @design_RG
Trying out @theTunnelBear so I can browse privately from my ISP.

Lady Death: Lyudmila Pavlichenko, the Greatest Female Sniper of All Time

With 309 confirmed kills, she became a heroic figure to the Soviets—but the American media didn't know what to make of her.

For Lyudmila Pavlichenko, killing Nazis wasn't complicated. “The only feeling I have is the great satisfaction a hunter feels who has killed a beast of prey,” she once said of her job.

But Pavlichenko wasn’t just any soldier: She was the most successful female sniper in history, and one of the most successful snipers, period. As a member of the Soviet Army during World War II, she killed 309 Nazis, earning the sobriquet “Lady Death.” She also became a public figure who toured North America and Britain, befriended Eleanor Roosevelt, and spoke candidly about gender equality—especially when she was fed up with American reporters.

This showed up on Pocket today -- and I wanted to share with @Lyudmila who's a big fan. 😃

Just found at another instance -- and think this is a really important development. allows Full Text Searches on fedinet posted content -- from Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey instances.

In Mastodon instances, Full Text Search is VERY RARE in my experience. It's available at, and one reason I have recommended people to keep an account there if their main account does not provide it.

Even Elite instances have this option turned OFF (to save processor cycles and memory). Silly, because they could support that easily.

Now we have an external search Engine and it works. Tested briefly and found results I knew would be there, shown as expected.

Kudos for a much needed service and thank you to @fedisearch !

Visit to try it out.

Typora MarkDown Editor ?

Typora gives you a seamless experience as both a reader and a writer. It removes the preview window, mode switcher, syntax symbols of markdown source code, and all other unnecessary distractions. Instead, it provides a real live preview feature to help you concentrate on the content itself.

Distractions Free
Seamless Live Preview
What You See Is What You Mean

Found just now, from a mention by Robert on his personal Blog.

For Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. Free while in Beta stage.

China's Great Firewall descends on Hong Kong internet users

From an article in The Guardian.

At midnight on Tuesday, the Great Firewall of China, the vast apparatus that limits the country’s internet, appeared to descend on Hong Kong.

Unveiling expanded police powers as part of a contentious new national security law, the Hong Kong government enabled police to censor online speech and force internet service providers to hand over user information and shut down platforms.

Many residents, already anxious since the law took effect last week, rushed to erase their digital footprint of any signs of dissent or support for the last year of protests. Charles Mok, a pro-democracy lawmaker who represents the technology sector, tweeted: “We are already behind the de facto firewall.”

Pleroma - Finding the Good Instances, part 2

As Requested; Recommended Instances Suggestions

I was pleasantly surprised by the interest generated by my Discover Pleroma. An alternative to Mastodon page. Various people contacted me, interested in trying out Pleroma, and asking for some recommended instances.

So this page is intended to provide :

  • some thoughts on why it is important, which instance you are in.
  • general tips on looking up information for any Pleroma instance.
  • and a list of recommended Pleroma instances for your consideration.

As usual, I love Writing, so this is Long Form prose. Lavishly illustrated, References and links included. A Web Magazine page I am proud of.

That is the Topic of today's Blog.

This post is dedicated to Puniko, *who was so gentle and welcoming when I joined FAB --

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Discover Pleroma. An alternative to Mastodon

I have a lot of curiosity for the different places and software we encounter on the Fediverse, if we are open minded and like to travel and see places.

I love Travel in the physical world, and similarly, am enchanted by roaming in cyberspace, through the many corners and alleys, express lanes and boulevards, parks, of the Fediverse.

Mastodon is not all there is, not even close. It is the largest part of the Fediverse, in terms of instances (servers) and registered users.

But there's more and that is a good thing. Pleroma, have you met?

That is the Topic of today's Blog.

** Repost of one of my most popular Blog pages -- Following up with a Suggested Pleroma Instances one **

Saturday Night Fever, 2020 version. Pubs in UK, reopened.

RT @colnooner
what in the holy fuck. please ban travel from UK or at least mandatory 2 week quarantine. Ireland has done well so far to fight COVID-19 lets not follow their lead. beggars belief. just like Farage, the dick, oblivious

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