Hello and thank you to Niklas for offering this service. I was searching for a listing of GlitchSocial instances, surprisingly HARD to find, and the Blog site came up.

I decided to sign up, the server description was delightful, a powerful system, and hosted in the EU. 😸

I have various accounts in the Fediverse, being a Traveler in RL I also enjoy the experience of visiting and getting to know new instances; they are like the local Cafés we visit while on the road.

GlitchSocial is very desirable to me as I can really use the Markdown formatting it enables to get better visual design in my posts. (I am picky and fussy about layout, presentation).

I love writing and could really use a good home for my Blog post announcements; currently I do them from my other account, the main one, which unfortunately suffers from the small minded and heavy handed Fedi Block brigade b*s.

So, thank you -- I am getting comfortable, the system is tremendously responsive, and I have got a Wide Screen layout working perfectly -- just the way I like it. Adding a screenshot here. 😃

@realcaseyrollins --- this is a great GS if you want to try it.

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@rgx @realcaseyrollins

So nice.

Ok, I want to set things up nice in here.

I'll look at how to use markdown here and how I can make bigger the window to write posts or reply to posts.

This is beautiful work @nipos


I am really enjoying life here in My posts are seen everywhere, unlike the old place with all the blocking problems it suffers.

The AWI setup shown in that screenshot is possible here, and described in detail in my Discourse Forum post

@realcaseyrollins @nipos

@rgx @globcoco @nipos Yeah that's another thing I love about having multiple accounts on various instances

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