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Have been thinking about new and better Instances. [Part 2]

This morning, I wrote this Toot at a new Glitch-Social instance, which I found and registered at late last night.

Now I am writing this Blog page, to document and describe not only the process, but mainly the Why — the reasons which lead me to look for alternatives in Fediverse, what they can offer, etc.

Why look for a change?

I am REALLY committed to leaving Mastodon behind and moving to better platforms.

GlitchSocial is one, Pleroma is another, I have accounts in BOTH types of instances, and love their added features, design improvements, and many, many new things.

The new Blog page is now LIVE.

@design_RG - with many Thanks to @nipos

@design_RG @nipos And for this Blog post annoucement above, I used the richness of , one of the driving factors for me in searching for better alternatives than vanilla mastodon, plain text dullness.

The post WAS formatted and displays fully in GlitchSocial and Pleroma instances.

It does surprisingly well -- which non-exposed URLs in live linked text for example, even on the plain mastodon instances.

To allow the folks at those to see the intended and possible formatted post, here's a screenshot -- taken at, also a GS instance, post viewed via Pinafore client.

It looks identical here at Muensterland, as well, as I view and respond via Pinafore once again.

@rgx @Sphinx --- see the post above.

#MarkDown goodness -- you CAN'T do that in Mastodon vanilla.

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