I really find it lovely how the Crossposters allow us to send and receive interesting info, across networks even.

A post I made here an hour ago or so and now is at my TW account, looking good and linking back to the source here.

Renato Lond's Crossposter is Top Notch and Recommended. It was the tool used here, and allows both ways transfers, easily.

Tw --> Masto or Masto --> Tw.

As usual, it's polite to not abuse hospitality, and check local instance rules. Some do NOT allow this kind of thing, or only allow with certain conditions.

Nobody wants Spam. But Good Content from anywhere deserves to be seen.

If your home instance is not welcome at -- there's Moa Bridge for you

Want to Learn All About Crossposters ?

See Crossposting, and Surprises Happened...

@rgx except they ban instances from using that service that they dont like which is mega gay

@igel That's True, Igel.

I am forced to use Moa.bridge from certain accounts, even if I have spoken to the crossposter admin and am a respected member at their instance.

If possible, Renato's tool; if not, Moa does a decent job too, not as pretty output but date does flow.

@igel I work quietly on Diplomacy, but changing damaged perceptions is not an easy thing.

Jedi Consular, I am.

@rgx And if the prettiness of that post on an instance supporting #MarkDown doesn't convince people it's needed, I don't know.

Just never mind, lol....

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