What new feature do you wish on Mastodon?

Please share #mastodon and #freesw.

Back to topic, my complete feature wishes on Mastodon:

1) Preview Post: I am a writer so this is a must.

2) Find Own Posts: I toot a lot my toots reached 2000 in a short period of time. Finding a certain toot became difficult.

3) Show Original Posts Exclusively: I want timeline to show only my original toots, not my boosts, not my replies, anytime I want.

4) Hover Cards: It saves my time & computer resources to follow/unfollow.

5) Numbers: Visible number of replies, shares, likes in toots.

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1) Preview Post: I am a writer so this is a must.

You can do what I use here for preparing carefully formatted MarkDown posts.

I also am picky, and would be annoyed by any errors. So :

  • Create the post in editor as needed.
  • set privacy level to Direct Message.
  • addressed to myself, at another account.
  • Save, look it up

Delete and Redraft as needed until it's perfect. Then, one last Delete Redraft :

  • to remove the address it was being sent to.
  • and to set Privacy to Public, and the post is out there.
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