The Search for Any Software that can handle Mastodon Data Exports : still on. I had seen someone mentioning using a nice JSON editor, asked and got a reply back -- it's a Mac OSX package, no Windows version for me to try.

Maybe someone can check and see if this could open our Mastodon user data export files?

See also my Mastodon – Options for Moving an Account ? blog post for refereces of what I am taking about.

on the hunt for some way to use these Data export files.

should be easier to access!

@rgx No answer on the importing so far. In the meantime I even started an instance, I wanted to see the backoffice, but not being able to import my toots is still the reason why I can’t move there 100%.

@maique Ah, that's interesting, nice!

Yes, I love to see the inner workings of the system too. Importing data, I don't think we will see anytime soon.

I would be glad to get some software that allows using the data exports and retrieving a post from there, with attachments, for reuse if desired.

@rgx I would love some sort of copying. Would lose any answers and threads, but wouldn’t be too hard. Authenticate on both accounts, prove ownership of both, and simply copy the old toots to the new one. That would be enough for me.


Aloha seekers ;-) Isn't the real question what you want to do with the data? I can imagine importing it into a database for a totally different frontend but knowing what persons might want to do with it can result into something very different.


Maybe this might help a bit. An orm that is able to read json

@hansw The backed up data cannot be easily imported at the moment, which is understandable as with Federation there's links in many places pointing back to it, would be a nightmare to have to change these all over the place when users pack their bags and move.

But to be able to open that archive and browse thru it, more or less like we do in a mastodon instance, would be ideal. Looking thru and retrieving data from an older post, which can then be reposted, new location, new post ID, etc, without any complication.

I found the language on the Mastodon feature a bit flippant. "Any Software" capable of opening this JSON archive and presenting the data in a clean, reusable form would be great.

Facebook has a new user data export function that is surprisingly good -- and a model for what one could aim for here.

@rgx I think you would need to build software for that. A generic viewer might only do 50 % for it. That is why I suggested an orm that will allow you to directly build software on.

@rgx b.t.w., I am not sure if you are up to it but r studio is able to read json too. Maybe that allows you to get what you want.

Afaik it is also available on Windows but I never used it on that OS

@hansw Thank you, Hans! I will have a look and see how it is. Appreciate the suggestions!

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