A fantastic MarkDown editor ?

A good friend sent me a message just now, knowing I am a lover of things MarkDown.

One of the reasons I have abandoned various places in the Fediverse, others being pettiness-es like:

  • the dumb 500 characters toot size limit.
  • the blocking of other instances without any significant reason.
  • power ego trip from some immature people who now are admins.
  • open publishing of objectionable content, like weapons, murdered animals, etc.

But back to positives, and enjoying LONG posts (5,000 characters max) and the BEST Markdown support I have found yet on a fedi platform (GlitchSocial, absolutely. Pleroma being a close second. Mastodon? don't ask).

Hans sent me a link, in an earlier post :

This is weird shit. Every now and then I need to either translate or calculate some things. Today I found the following meta toolkit

I visited and at the first glance can see this is perfect -- a full screen, on browser MD editor. Called StackEdit.

With Word Count in the status bar, a full Formatting Toolbar, and more.

I took snapshots and will be creating a Blog post later, most likely.

For now, a quick intro and recommendation, big thank you to . πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

Cheers, friend, well done, thanks for remembering me.

on the Beat. always.
and for me.

Screenshots :

  1. A 640 pixels wide, esized full screen shot - for a Blog header image -- very small, but for a general idea. (original 1600x900)

  2. A full size shot, but cropped to show the left panel, the text entry or Code view.

  3. And the other side, the Preview of what the MD source looks like. Stunning!

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