Creating a Zonelets post in Markdown format

An easier to use web formatting tool, for a new and simple blog platform

Yesterday I came across a small blog, posted at, which I found interesting. It was created using 'Zonelets' – which I hadn't heard about until now.

A bit of link following and I discovered a wonderful new project, which I am now trying out for small posts, hosted at Neocities as well.

HTML editing is not as free and easy flowing like my normal writing in the Write.Freely editor, which uses MarkDown formatting (or html if you need, or prefer; a mix of formats works perfectly too).

So this new page is an experiment, using the WF editor, and later copying it's generated HTML source code for use in the Zonelets page. And it worked fine.

That is the Topic of today's Blog

The same page is also on my Zonelets Blog - here

new blogging platform report is cool too

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