MarkDown Rendering -- Glitch-Social still has The BEST one.

It's pretty dismaying to me, as a writer and publisher, to see some of my posts displayed in less than optimal presentation.

I had known that Glitch-Social does the very best job of MarkDown rendering. It is a big reason I selected a GS instance to call my home and main account, this one.

Pretty sad that Pleroma...

...Can't seem to understand and render properly such basics as Heading sizes. You know, the various H1, H2, H3...H6 possible heading sizes we can use in any web document.

Case in point

A post I just made an hour ago. Lightly formatted, without abusing Markdown, as the intention is to get readers for the full article on the blog mentioned.

The post in question is here.

And then, look how different platforms render it

Took some screenshots.

a. from the web client at a Glitch-social instance, the source for the post linked. Attached.

b. from inside Pinafore web client, which did a good rendering of it.

c. from a Pleroma instance I have an account on, and where :

H2 heading text is rendered smaller than normal paragraph text with Bold applied ? Really, ?

I filled a bug report at the PleromaFE github months ago, about errors in MD Rendering (quote blocks, suppression of blank lines to separate blocks of text, etc)

No screenshot from the plain Mastodon vanilla instances, which I am not really frequenting for the past year - tired of their limited capabilities, 500 characters max toot size limit, no markdown, etc.

bug report, please fix this - I love the project, and really think it's the Leading edge, the future.

But markdown is a make or break for me.

@lain please forward to the proper developers? Thank you.

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@absturztaube @lain

Thanks, Puniko. I did, months ago. 🤔

Got a couple of comments from FE devs, but it seems no action was taken, or is out yet on production code?

This is really a basic issue.

@rgx @lain could you link the issue in question? kinda wanna see what was discussed there

@absturztaube @lain @hj @shpuld

Thank you for your help, Puniko.

I just wrote a DM to a pleroma small instance I am also a member of, reminding him this is a good reason to keep the little used MastoFE at his instance alive and running.

Since MastoFE is really the Glitch-Social webclient, it renders my posts perfectly.

I made a Suggestion post at the GS github as well, for an improvement in the AWI wide display support, and did not get any results there either. Bummer.


One of these days I tried to write a short post on Diaspora using Markdown and I was pleasantly surprised at the result! It was a very short test, though.

Your original post looks much better then the way it is rendered across the other networks.


@joaopinheiro @lain

Thank you for the feedback, João - it confirms my own impressions, that Glitch-Social is really doing the best rendering of Markdown.

I find it such a pleasant and powerful tool to prepare any documents. I can't settle for less, when I have seen what it can do, when rendered properly.

An year ago is when I first heard of markdown at all. Starting up a blog on Write.Freely, and the pure html coding is just very distracting to someone interested in the writing.

Came across a good interactive tutorial, put it to work in learning and practising in my own blog posts, and since then it's all I use - writing without distractions, toolbars or buttons.

We are fortunate that Pleroma, GS and Diaspora support MD. It really improves written communication with good visual design.

Have a good evening! 😉

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