But Why do I choose a Glitch-Social Instance as my Main account ?

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Why you chose Glitch social? It still can be affected by Eugen.

Indeed -- **Glitch-Social is a Much Better mastodon, but still has *the heavy load of all the mastocode under the hood.

I would prefer to use Pleroma, BUT...

... There are some UGLY markdown rendering issues, and I cannot live with that.

Made a big post yesterday about it and included Lain on it - hoping he would push the Pleroma FE people to fix that.

They also would need to improve the MastoFE

...under Pleroma a bit - it's the GlitchSocial web client, and very decent for me, as I am more used to this side of fedi.

PleromaFE is intriguing, but a **SINGLE column* to display info is so Wrong, for me* -- Wide Screen displays in PCs and Laptops deserve better.

That's another one of my pet peeves - and one I am also working on. Hard to get changes made, I have reported things and offered suggestions.

Eugen R. doesn't even respond to me anymore. 🙄

And he's not the only one...

My Suggestion for AWI enhancements on the Glitch-Social GitHub was posted 6 months ago. NO replies or comments.

My bug report at the PleromaFE Git hub was also posted a few months ago.

Issue 878 - MarkDown - Heading formatted text not displaying properly

No comments there at all.

I have a fully explained and detailed Forum post about the proposal here also.

in action. We can do better, Fediverse.

Pleroma is the Future, but we need to fix some issues. Thank you!

A new issue filled at the Pleroma MastoFE Git :

I have made a submission of the same request I made to the Glitch-Social FE team -- now to the Pleroma MastoFE team itself.

A very small one, I believe only one developer is in charge and working on maintaining it -- Lanodan.

See my Pleroma MastoFE new Issue #91 post here


I've been discovering that I'm more of a Friendica guy! 😄

@joaopinheiro That is nice - I wanted to love Friendica too, but never got around to fully understanding it.

And it seems a bit rough in some aspects. Maybe I will give it another try?

Anything except vanilla mastodon, that I cannot abide by.


Anything except vanilla mastodon, that I cannot abide by.

...which sadly disqualifies nice instance like -- but 500 chars, for me, is torture.

Plus no MarkDown? nope, not for me. I visit and say hello, enjoy the conversations, and the beautiful photos Arthur Coelho posts.

If Hugo would just switch over to Glitch-Social... 😋👌👌✔

@rgx I really think that you'd like it! And it also supports Markdown! And the devs are awesome!

@joaopinheiro I have chatted a bit with a fellow from Australia, who saw and responded to some of my posts here. He told me he is the author of both Hubzilla and Friendica - and it would be nice indeed to have developers who are interested in comment and suggestions!

I just made a Blog version of my earlier post here today in the instance.

First hand invite, I haven't comment or talked about it yet. 😀

Also built with -- I am loving it, João.

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