A Glitch-Social Fediverse Instances List?

That is really needed.

On June 3, I wrote a Toot at my new account, found late on the previous night. (the busy tabs list mentioned is the banner below)

A picture of my busy Tabs list in browser shows that I really was looking for some good GlitchSocial instances.

Had been intensively searching for a list (non-existant, afaik) of Glitch-Social instances. They tend to be blended in with generic mastodon ones, so it was quite a chore.

In a Blog page about this, I wrote:

I WILL provide that list soon -- there is a need.

And now here it is.

That is the topic of Today's Blog Page

A Big List of known Glitch Instances. Updated as of December 27, 2020.

Why I had been thinking about a better Instance. [Part 3]

Back in June, 2020 I had decided to look for a better instance for my main account. I had various reasons for that, one of the most important being I wanted an account at a Glitch-Social instance, which supports many advanced features, compared to the plain Mastodon ones.

Things like : MarkDown text formatting support. Larger maximum Toot sizes. Finer UI controls and many other advances not present in the main Mastodon branch.

I found one - and wrote a nice Blog page about it, which has been popular. It has been my Home in the Fediverse since June.

Many thanks to Niklas, our admin at, for the service. πŸ‘πŸ™‚

information gathering for us all..

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@kozlick You are very welcome. Glad you found it useful! πŸ™‚

@rgx Hi Rob! How have you been doing?!

BTW, your year old suggestion has totally made it addictive for me to have my taskbar there. Thanks for one of the best tech savvy suggestions! 😎

@shibaprasad Hello! Long time no see! πŸ˜ƒ

I am ok, it's Winter here in the North so not the best time around, But we got to make it thru that, and no travel to allow some brief escape to warmer climes this year.

Really glad you enjoy that suggestion - it makes perfect sense to me too, the wide screen displays are really too short vertically. Anything to give a little more space in that direction helps. This tip I have used ever after first seeing in someone's screenshot.

Happy New Year! 🌞✨🌜🌟

@rgx Yeah! I was totally off from Mastodon. I see you've left QOTO! :-(

That's true. This year has been hard. I remember you posting your travel diaries on last year. If I am correct it was from Portugal?

And a Happy and hopefully a better new year to you too Sire!


Yeah! I was totally off from Mastodon. I see you've left QOTO! :-(

I had moved my primary account here back in June of this year, for various reasons. And then was off the fediverse, mostly concentrating in other community that I am active at.

Yes, I wrote fondly about travel in Portugal. Lovely country, I miss being there, returned from my last trip a year and a half ago.

Thank you, Happy New Year to you too! πŸ˜€βœ¨πŸŒœπŸŒžπŸŒŸ

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