A Better Browser Alternative? February 2021

Need a better one?

An update I will share with friends, I have been looking for an alternative to my previous favourite browser. Waterfox, which I have used for years now, is itself an alternative to Firefox, developed based on it, and improved.

But - it has been laggy and acting up on the most recent releases. See the many new topics and people complaining about problems, in the Reddit Waterfox sub-forum. Time to look around for a better tool.

I tried a couple of alternatives, and here there's a summary of info and impressions.

That is the topic of Today's Blog post

updates recommended.

And I have moved many of my activities to Bravo already.

This morning, I needed to use , since it has all my fediverse accounts all configured and saved, logged in.

But it's on Waterfox, and this config is not transferable to another browser at this time. Argh.

So - I had to start Waterfox, one single tab, for , the one I am now writing in.

Saved a Task Manager screenshot, which documents the RAM use. One single tab in Waterfox, showing 6 processes, and nearly 400 MB of ram.

While the Bravo* shows **24 processes, all of it reporting as 269 MB of ram.

Bravo is running TWO separate windows. Total of 6 tabs, including one with Reddit, a reputed hog for resources, yes.

I have taken a snapshot of the Bravo Task Manager tool report - in this exact situation. It shows all the components, their mem use, the loaded tabs and ram use. Impressive.

( Chrome based browsers include this TM tool - easy to access via Shift-Escape key combo. )

Got to mention that I have tuned Bravo for low resource use, so your experience may vary. I am stunned that a Chromium based browser can run so efficiently. 🚀🙂😎

Update to be added to my Blog post, likely...

supporting better browsers for all.

kicks ass.

And for comparison purposes, here is a maximized Twitter window in Brave browser. I scaled it up by 125%, while also scaling down the text size. (this to collapse the sidebars wasted spaces)

The content column in this case is 750 pixels wide - close to my Pinafore other wider mockup at 800 pixels above.

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