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Hi friends, good morning!

How are you? Hope all is well. I thought you would like to know that I have installed a Linux Lite op system, in my Thinkpad T500 laptop, and am quite impressed by it.

Smooth installation, no problems at all, all devices recognized and working. Updates followed, and the desktop is simple, light and very functional.

A lovely distribution, I hadn't heard about it but found it in a review of recommended Linux for older machines and laptops. Was also impressed on seeing a fully loaded desktop boot, no apps yet, just the system, but ready for use. This, using about 1.4 GB of RAM, while the same day I was annoyed at seeing my Windows 10 flagship laptop, the one I do all the blog, images, posting, writing in; this one uses 3 GB for the same loaded desktop, no apps yet situation.

I will be working on it, investigating and reporting further - a blog post likely.

For now, wanted to let you know, as I thought you would both be happy with this update.

Have a good day!



@rgx @joaopinheiro @globcoco 1.4GB of RAM is quite much for only the kernel and a desktop environment without any programs open.But I can't say that I'm shocked.It's based on Ubuntu and in my tests,Ubuntu based distributions always perform worst in virtual machines with limited resources.The most lightweight desktop environment is Lumina as far as I know.You can get it for example at the distribution Project Trident:

@:ggc: Niklas And you have also other distros like Puppy Linux!Puppy Linux Wiki: PuppyLinux
Puppy Linux Documentation Wiki - it is a Wikka


LOL, I can see your point, Niklas. Linux Lite wasn't listed as the lowest resource using version, there were others with lower requirements.

But it suited this 4 GB machine well, with a dual core 2.4 GHz CoreDuo Intel processor.

I loved the long articles comparing the different versions - some listed there would run with amazingly low requirements, and would work in much, much older machines.

Like my other Thinkpad, a PIII 1.1 GHz, 1 GB of ram laptop, which was a power user's dream on it's days - and accompanied me to work everyday for years.

With a single core processor, I left Windows XP on it, as it is the same vintage, more or less, and performed well. But it's not good for net use as it's so out of date.

This one would be a good candidate for some experimentation, possibly.

I will be writing about this and documenting the various possible experiments I have in mind.

Thank you for the feedback!! 🙂👍
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@rgx @globcoco @joaopinheiro For the single core 1GB RAM machine it would probably be better not to install Linux at all.Project Trident which I linked in the last post should work better there than most other distributions but after you open a program,you could already exceed the one gigabyte of memory.The Linux kernel is quite lightweight but unfortunately most programs and desktops aren't.It may be better to give Haiku a try there: It uses only a few hundred megabyte of RAM and comes with many preinstalled native applications which are all very lightweight.They still provide a 32bit build which is likely necessary for your old machine.Many Linux distributions dropped 32bit support already.But beware: Haiku is very different than everything else you used before.It has a own kernel,own desktop and own applications but also supports many well-known applications built on top of the Qt Framework.Just keep in mind that those Qt applications often aren't that lightweight.


Wonderful tips -- thank you so much, Niklas. A good alternative to check out.

Adding to the project ideas list! ✔😉🙂

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Hi Rob! That's great news! Thank you for sharing! GNU/Linux is SO MUCH BETTER than Windows! And when it comes to using older machines or extending any machine's life they can't even be compared! Keep us updated and enjoy your new GNU/Linux OS!

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Thank you, João - I am tempted now to take some older, but really good laptops I have, and trying a light Linux install. They have less ram, and single core processors, but if I chose the right option could be back in use rather than sitting on the shelf, neglected.

This brings so many possibilities. Here in Canada there's many more computers than people; used machines are cheap and easy to find.

Great ones, Business class devices like Thinkpad T or X series, or HP EliteBook or Probook models, are so well built and outstanding.

I feel sad for many of my Slowly pen pals in other countries, many with only a mobilde phone as their sole internet access - a second class device, imo.

@nipos @globcoco

@Rob G.
You're welcome!
Here we're facing the a similar problem with many students without access to on-line classes just because their parents can't afford buying a computer or paying for the Internet service! It's sad... Specially when we think of those students who really want to learn. And we can't neglect the others because if we do, they won't ever learn anything! :-(


I have seen news articles showing kids in Indonesia and the Philippines having to go out of town, sit at the road side at a hill -- just so they can get a signal and open their classes on their parent's cell phones.

The work of teachers dealing with this situation is a difficult one. Being a retired Tech Education teacher, and gone thru online learning myself for Uni courses and updates, I can see how hard it would be for teachers and students, both, to deal with this.

@Rob G. Yes, but, sometimes, the problem are really those not willing to learn... Here we also have many situations where they won't be able to connect... Sad...

@joaopinheiro For the less motivated students, this gives them an easy way out of putting an effort in, and they will fall behind further.

Online and solo learning takes effort, focus and discipline.


Hello Rob! I tried to tag you on this account on my Hubzilla account but I couldn't. I couldn't even add you as a contact. It didn't work. It's strange that I have some issues with your account on Muensterland. I don't have any problem with any of your other accounts, nor with anyone else. And the confusion with Dominick happened again too. Anyway, here is the link to the post I'd like you to read:…


Hello João, thank you for the post -- I am glad you are enjoying Zot , and will read it with attention later. Very good to see your perspective.

I have not logged into the other two accounts you tagged me with in the post, curious to see - but their logins are stored in pinafore in another browser, which I am trying to avoid using for now.

Thanks, have a great Sunday, will get back to you on this. 👍🙂

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Thank you so much for the news.
I haven't yet changed from ubuntu.
When i'll do i'll definitely look into it.
Keep us updated ^

Hei Coralie!

I thought you would like to know. 🙂❤

No need to change, as Linux Libre is based on Ubuntu LTS - just changed to suit their design goals. And they did a great job.

I had thought of using as well, which I have installed in the past, and liked. But glad I tried this one.

Definitely an impressive offering - Windows users will find it very comfortable right off the bat. Plus, easy to install and maintain.

More of my machines here will be seeing second OS installed. (wonder how my flagship Elitebook would run it - but it's my main machine and all the tools are there, everything works, I can spare having it ready at all times.)

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@rgx @joaopinheiro @nipos

Hey there ,

I'd love to change from ubuntu actually...
But thanks a lot my friend.
I'm also searching for a podcast generator that is "really" open source without any gafam behind, easy to set up.
Heard of podsheets but it has gafam behind.
And i prefer one that is not hosted on github...
Hard to find I know...

Anyway, hope you're good and that you take great care of yourself.


Hey Joao,
I looked into it a while ago through another instance.
I though it cost a lot (now it seems it's free).
I might need to learn quite a few things (as a novice) but I'll look into it more deeply.
Thanks a lot for this.

Oh sorry, I'm realizing "though" misses a "t" at the end.
And " another "...

@globcoco Yes. I'm using it to motivate my students to learning English. :-)

That's cool.
So I'm going to look into it to find out what i need to set it up.
Thanks a lot.
I'll listen to your podcast too ^

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