Hello, Nolan, good morning!

I wanted to ask a couple of questions - regarding and the configuration of instances in use.

All of the info for these (instance name, user name and authorization token, user selected colour themes, etc) is as we know saved in the user's browser. But that makes it non-portable, even in the same machine, if I wanted to switch to another one.

Which is the case, currently, for me. I have about 20 instances configured in Pinafore, and it really makes it easy to switch and visit whichever I want, anytime.

Could you consider an export or save feature for Pina, which would export a text file with :

  • instances names, and selected colours.
  • maybe the username as well?
  • and save this in the same order as we have in the current pina setup?

With an export like that, we could later import into another browser; maybe even a different device, and keep the full list, order, selected colour schemes.

All we would need is to re-do the authorization in the new device, which is safe as it depends on the user knowing the password.

Thank you for considering this!

tools, Pinafore is the client of choice for the digital .

@rgx It's an interesting idea, but it's also a security risk. The file you export would contain the security tokens giving anyone full access to your account. I understand the problem, though – this also applies to all of Pinafore's settings.

As a temporary workaround, you can copy LocalStorage from one Pinafore instance to another, as long as you have access to the devtools.



Object.assign(localStorage, <paste>)


@nolan Thank you Nolan!

Please consider the idea, I know exporting the access tokens is a bad idea - but restoring the authorizations is the easy part (with a password manager, quick work to re-login to each instance in the new device or browser).

I will try the copy you suggested, if i can figure out how, lol. I am learning. Thank you!!

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