Wishlist - wider rez screens layout support?

In the lovely Pinafore client.

As a laptop user primarily, it's been an uphill battle getting good clients for which recognize and respect the fact we have lots of pixels.

Responsive Design is great - I have started learning and practising it, understand the logic. Good stuff.

But, honestly - the internet has too much to offer for real work to be performed in a mobile device. Content creation, we need better software that allows us to use what's in our chosen platform.

Case in point, Wide Screen Displays.

Which I have made various attempts at getting improvements for. I explain and show screenshots of some solutions and ideas on the post.

Pinafore Responsive Layouts

Shows 3 classes of devices, see screenshots in blog post.

  • Mobile ( 320x480p) portrait/landscape
  • Small Tablet (600x800p) 2 modes also
  • Tablet (768x1024p) standard iPad res, 2 modes also

If we could get a couple of added new, wider classes it would be wonderful. Could we, please ??

That is the topic of Today's Blog post

on the crusade for better wide screen devices support.

(Uphill battle, but we shall persevere)

@rgx @koyu , maybe you can add some wider screen format support to the mastoFE web client?

Some ideas on post above, although they are suggestions for Pinafore, they might work with mastoFE, maybe?

Content display column at about 50% of screen width, and 80 em setting, is what I am thinking.

Thank you!

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