Hello Niklas! @nipos

Good afternoon, hope all is well with you.

I have just installed a PWA version of the Pinafore client I always use, and am having trouble adding my account to it.

This is a new install, no instances are configured; the other install worked fine yesterday, it has an access token.

Trying to add MS to Pinafore gives the error message shown in screenshot. I have added a couple of other instances, and it's working normally. I think the problem here is a CORS issue.

Nolan has a page for admins explaining it ;

We need the access control I think; I don't see it on the source code for this page as I write, logged in via web client to the instance.

Thank you!!

of choice for me

recommended, tools of the trade.

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@rgx Thanks for notifying me about the problem.It was caused by too aggressive caching at the CDN and is now solved by excluding all /api paths from the cache feature.


You are very welcome, and thank you for the excellent service, Niklas.

Have a good night!

@nipos Wonderful, logged in with no problems now. 😊✔

What a delight to be back in my comfortable Pina client. 👍😎❤

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