On MarkDown Learning, Tutorial, and Editors

@joaopinheiro And I came back, on a quiet moment to read your new blog page. Very nice - I really enjoyed it, and think it can be useful to other people as well.

Same as you, I first learned about MarkDown upon getting started with blogging - using the Write.Freely software, which is the free open source version of the Write.as blog.

Both Write.Freely and Write.as are superb tools for writers - as they were designed to simplify things, avoiding the complications and excess luggage that the major blog platforms (WordPress, etc) have.

This is just the Beginning of today's Blog post...

On MarkDown Learning, Tutorial, and Editors

With a little extra for anyone curious or interested in how to install their own private Write.Freely instance - runs here on my Windows 10 laptop.

Tools of the Trade

is love.
to a

Why choose Glitch-Social for a main account?

That is a Good Question. Here's why.

A collage of recent posts on important issues we face in the Fediverse. And which we hopefully can move forward on.

Originally In response to a post by Snow

Why you chose Glitch social? It still can be affected by Eugen.

Indeed — Glitch-Social is a Much Better mastodon, but still has the heavy load of all the mastocode under the hood.

Now in the polished and extended Blog edition.

With reference links and screenshots. (original toot earlier today here)

Ready now at my Write.Freely host, courtesy of my friends at TeDomum.net - with my sincere thanks. One year Anniversary of my 'Musings by rg' blog.

Merci, to Ange and all the others in TeDomum Team!

Why choose a Glitch-Social instance for my main account? is Today's Blog. 📝🙂🖍

on the beat... love.

used for Blog post creation - recommended tool.

MarkText editor - nice free, open source tool

New find, a lovely MarkDown text editor

This morning I stumbled across an interesting blog - The Plain Text Project, and in it, a reference to a good markdown text editor.

Have tried others before, and not for long; I am familiar with the MD tags, and work well with the EditPad Lite text editor, or from inside the nice Dark Themed Write.freely blog editor, if I am composing a new blog page.

The review is really well done,

...got my attention - and I made a post on Twitter about it soon after. Painful, with Twitter's crippling small limit for posts, broken up in many parts, which makes it more difficult to create a coherent presentation.

However - writing it was the push to download and install MarkText - and to collate some of the thoughts in the Tweets into a longer, Fediverse intended post. This one, being written inside MarkText itself, my first trial. And it looks and feels wonderful already.

See my Blog post for Today about it Here.

new Tools of the Trade report... Recommended.

is a great find!

This Blog Page announce was entirely produced with MarkText editor.

Pinafore Client allows you to use MarkDown in Fedi

New Topic in our new Pinafore Forum here.

Intro :

Pinafore Allows you to create and see posts with MarkDown Formatting

While Pinafore itself does not advertise it as a feature, it does provide MarkDown text formatting support – accepting all input from the user and passing it on to their instance for publishing.

See the full article Here.

Tools of the Trade - recommended.

Sometimes, Quieter is Better

In an earlier conversation with out local system admin, @nipos , he wrote :

You're right that our instance is too quiet in the local timeline.In fact,all of my instances are so I will be rolling out this feature to all instances this evening.

I responded right away with a Thank you for the acceptance of my suggestion, much appreciated.

Now I would like to go back and send a note to all my friends, here in fediverse, an update of sorts.

Sorry that I have been mostly quiet - in fact not logging in to Fediverse much at all for the past 4 months or so.

Why is that?

I got involved in a forum community, supporting an applications which I really like, and that has taken a lot of my attention and time. Long letters to friends all over the world also take effort, time and dedication, but are very enjoyable.

I am fortunate to have their letters coming, and that they enjoy my usually long replies. I have published some, as the quality of Writing we see really makes me feel more readers should see them. Of course, I restrain to only posting my own writing, and I edit personal information, anonymize my friend's real ID so they are not exposed.

Things come and go in phases, and I have been very happy to be in a productive, creative phase once again. As before, I will try to do as much as I can, and put down in writing the ideas and projects that inspire me. A fun journey, it is.

Muensterland.social IS my main account

...and has been for months now. I am more well know in fedi circles from another account, at a larger instance, where I was an active and friendly moderator and above all, more importantly, Content Producer.

Due to my annoyance of the damage to visibility of my personal work as a result of FediBlock non-sense, I searched for a new home for my Publishing work.

And I found it, and it worked well, no block stopping my work from being seen or replied to, like happens in some places. (I wrote about that in a blog, or two, more than twice in fact).

My Writing is the most important contribution

...that I can bring to this interesting place. I have been involved in computer networks for many years, starting from before Internet access was a consumer commodity like it later became.

I wrote memoirs and dialogues I had here with some other old-timers, and greatly enjoyed that. The pages were well received and informed a newer generation on how things were in the past.

Turns out they were quite similar!

Happy here, thank you Niklas!

I don't think users show appreciation for the effort, work, time and talent people put into making those instances and services available for anyone. No corporate backing, no advertising revenue, no personal data harvesting and brokering for profit.

This instance is quite special for me. It's like my very own, personal instance, with the advantage that I enjoy it running on beautiful hardware, and with professional management. And a location in the European Union, which for me is essential for personal privacy and comfort.

I wrote a Blog page about how I had just discovered Muensterland.social, and it has had 820 page views in the 5 months since publication. This for a small, Tech and Fedi focused blog like mine is significant.

This is soon to be in a Blog page...

...as what started as a Toot, due to it being written in a superior Platform (Glitch-Social), in an instance allowing MarkDown rich text format and perfectly presenting it; turns out I soon saw I should take it to my normal text editor, and add links to relevant post as well. Which is done and will be in the completed Toot when sent, soon.

A copy will be saved here, and that will receive the full love of a Blog post, which for me is my ultimate Content Production experience. I aim for a Magazine style and quality, and am happy that my work has the shine and information like one of the professional ones.

I enjoy this journey as a Citizen Journalist, and this post marks a return to my active tag and work.

Thank you again, Niklas, for the great service. Glad my Nomad heart brought me to a better caravanserai.



for me

Proper Rendering of intended Post Format ?

Pretty sad to see the poor displaying of one of my carefully crafted posts -- the default instance theme does NOT respect Blank lines as inserted in the post source.

It looks ugly and dismaying for someone who care about Design and presentation, Aesthetics. As I do.

Post in question is one of mine. Attached is a screenshot (the Light theme at the host instance), not properly rendered. Shown in Mastodon Web client, presented by the home instance.

And a second one, taken from the same post, as rendered by , my personal favourite Fediverse client.

Here, the post is also shown in a Pinafore Light Colour theme and -- Line spacing IS rendered correctly.


Glitch-Social remains the most elegant platform, in allowing and properly presenting Rich Text formatted posts.

The source post shown is HERE.

It is in Plain Text format, as the instance there did not support at the time of posting.

image 1 - post shown via mastodon web client at host instance.
image 2 - post shown via Pinafore, via search results display, from another instance.

@freemo fyi.

A Request ?

Hello @nolan and Pinafore community.

I have been thinking and trying to find ways to move posts from one instance to another. Unfortunately, deciding that we need to relocate is pretty common, in the Fediverse. As we learn more about it and the many alternatives we can explore, a better home instance could be found.

Moving existing data from one account to another is not supported at this time. We can create an Export, user data backup; but currently there's no tool to extract data from it as in, selecting a post and copying it's text. So we could paste it on a new Toot, at a new place.

For plain Text toots, that is not a huge problem - they can be easily copied - mark, copy, paste done.

I do use quite frequently, and this is not handled the same way. Marking the text with the mouse cursor would copy the text, but not the format. And sometimes a well formatted and presented post can include various touches of MD, time consuming to re-do in a plain text copy and paste.

Here is an example of a nice MD enhanced post (containing Bold, Italicized, Quotes, Hidden URL, Headings. Screenshot is attached.)

My idea :

That if Pinafore could add a new function, this could become MUCH easier. The function I am thinking of would be similar to the current Delete/Redraft function.

  • Which retrieves the existing Toot completely, with any Rich Text formatting included.
  • However -- we do NOT want to call the Delete function, or to create a repost - simply get the data and be able to use it via Clipboard.

Having this function would be very handy. Please consider it ?

Thank you from a loyal and enthusiastic Pinafore user.

A fantastic MarkDown editor ?

A good friend sent me a message just now, knowing I am a lover of things MarkDown.

One of the reasons I have abandoned various places in the Fediverse, others being pettiness-es like:

  • the dumb 500 characters toot size limit.
  • the blocking of other instances without any significant reason.
  • power ego trip from some immature people who now are admins.
  • open publishing of objectionable content, like weapons, murdered animals, etc.

But back to positives, and enjoying LONG posts (5,000 characters max) and the BEST Markdown support I have found yet on a fedi platform (GlitchSocial, absolutely. Pleroma being a close second. Mastodon? don't ask).

Hans sent me a link, in an earlier post :

This is weird shit. Every now and then I need to either translate or calculate some things. Today I found the following meta toolkit


I visited and at the first glance can see this is perfect -- a full screen, on browser MD editor. Called StackEdit.

With Word Count in the status bar, a full Formatting Toolbar, and more.

I took snapshots and will be creating a Blog post later, most likely.

For now, a quick intro and recommendation, big thank you to @hansw@qoto.org . 👍😎

Cheers, friend, well done, thanks for remembering me.

on the Beat. always.
and for me.

Screenshots :

  1. A 640 pixels wide, esized full screen shot - for a Blog header image -- very small, but for a general idea. (original 1600x900)

  2. A full size shot, but cropped to show the left panel, the text entry or Code view.

  3. And the other side, the Preview of what the MD source looks like. Stunning!

Typora MarkDown Editor ?

Typora gives you a seamless experience as both a reader and a writer. It removes the preview window, mode switcher, syntax symbols of markdown source code, and all other unnecessary distractions. Instead, it provides a real live preview feature to help you concentrate on the content itself.

Distractions Free
Seamless Live Preview
What You See Is What You Mean

Found just now, from a mention by Robert on his personal Blog.

For Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. Free while in Beta stage.


MarkDown is simple, looks Good.

And here's a quick snapshot of some commonly used MD formatting commands.

Easy peasy as mentioned. See the original page with more here.

for Content Producers. and , all support it.

why stay in vanilla plain text Mastodon ? Find a new home... 👍️ 🙂

Markdown Headings -- Not Displaying properly in Pleroma ?

We discussed this here yesterday on the Marilyn Monroe tribute post thread, including posting snapshots of how the OP displayed in various platforms and with different clients.

Pleroma front ends (BOTH Pleroma FE and Mastodon FE) did have some issues :

  • The Heading2 format intended and applied to the post Title was rendered as Plain text, instead.
  • The blank line following the title, to separate it from article text was suppressed instead.

Both of which are detrimental to the content as displayed in all Pleroma nodes.

As suggested by Feld, I have created an issue/bug report at the Pleroma FE Git

displays perfectly in

on the beat, markdown love.

** Image Hosting for Forum, Mastodon and Blog Post -- Host Recommendation **

@globcoco I had to find a place to host them, as WriteFreely doesn't offer image hosting locally.

I have used different ones over the years, and back in December, when I was starting the Blog, went and spent a day looking for what's available, their features, etc.

Found PostImage.org -- and that's what I use, I love it. I can upload a file right from my File manager window..

  • Right-Click -- Send To -- PostImage and it takes it, uploads and gives me the URL for that image.

  • Copy/Paste into Blog text window.

Lovely and very productive. Simple as can be.

Here, made two screenshots, visual is always helpful -- and I will use these for my new Blogger's toolkit post when I write it.

That smaller second image, btw -- here's the URL copied from it, there's even a super handy "Copy" button right beside the URL after the upload is done.

The Small attached File is here

or, to show a naked URL :


Highly recommend this host


And as usual, and Do it Much Better.

Does what

I really find it lovely how the Crossposters allow us to send and receive interesting info, across networks even.

A post I made here an hour ago or so and now is at my TW account, looking good and linking back to the source here.

Renato Lond's Crossposter is Top Notch and Recommended. It was the tool used here, and allows both ways transfers, easily.

Tw --> Masto or Masto --> Tw.

As usual, it's polite to not abuse hospitality, and check local instance rules. Some do NOT allow this kind of thing, or only allow with certain conditions.

Nobody wants Spam. But Good Content from anywhere deserves to be seen.

If your home instance is not welcome at masto.donte.com.br -- there's Moa Bridge for you

Want to Learn All About Crossposters ?

See Crossposting, and Surprises Happened...

Just Finished reading Koyu.space's monthly Blog for May 2020.

A neat idea, and they had a busy month. Highlights :

  1. Switched from hosted service provider to their own self-hosted setup. This takes more work, skill and care, but as your traffic grows, it could make costs lower.

And, you have full control. Also -- can't blame anyone else, lol. 😅

  1. Big Software change : from regular, vanilla Mastodon to the nifty and feature full Glitch-Social variant. For users, it's a mastodon, but with extras and many more options.

supported natively - I am writing this post in my own new Glitch-Social account too. Must have for me, I am tired of the sad look of plain text in comparison.

  1. A new Android enhanced Client : Koyu has also worked with the Husky Android fediverse client, a fork of Tusky, and now has her own fork -- with a Git Hub site and app already on Google Play.

Husky is a labour of love for a1batross - he ported it from Tusky, to add support for the enhanced, rich media formatting that Pleroma and Glitch-Social already have.

I have seen the project evolve and more and more people using it, reporting back and suggesting features. Nice work, all of you. This is unique at the moment - no other client offers direct support on a Toot Editor for MarkDown and HTML tags, afaik (Koyu stayed with MD only, since HTML tags are difficult to use in a mobile device)

  1. Whitelist mode, ON : sadly, this was forced on very recently (past few days) due to hostility against the instance causing service hiccups. So only instances approved internally, and added to the local "Whitelist" are able to connect and exchange information.

A defensive move, sadly needed in face of fediblock brigade harassment.

Koyu.Space's May Blog is here.

...And it is so refreshing when a reasoned and polite explanation brings change and improvement. 🙂

Case in point, my new friend Tom, admin at Kafuka.Me. Who just now made some very welcome changes to his instance's configuration. And I am thrilled to have been part of the process, with my passion and defense of higher limits for Maximum post size.

This is a rare event, in the past few months I have raised and requested this with various Mastodon admins. The response, most of the time? a refusal, for various reasons.

Well, Tom listened, and just confirmed some very welcome changes at his instance. Screenshot below. 💫 🌞

I am posting this from another of my accounts, where an admin with vision already recognized the need and provided a generous allowance.

I also chose to post here to use the goodness that both this and Tom's instances allow.

Seriously, this is a world change for anyone with publishing and writing experience. I can make much nicer posts.

Thank you to Tom for being a good sport!

and an Instance Recommendation to Kafuka.Me.

Tom's is a Glitch-Social instance -- read my recent Blog post to find out WHY I am moving to those and away from vanilla, under-whelming mastodon ones.

See my conversation with Tom just this morning.
@emuz @design_RG

and too.


@design_RG @nipos And for this Blog post annoucement above, I used the richness of , one of the driving factors for me in searching for better alternatives than vanilla mastodon, plain text dullness.

The post WAS formatted and displays fully in GlitchSocial and Pleroma instances.

It does surprisingly well -- which non-exposed URLs in live linked text for example, even on the plain mastodon instances.

To allow the folks at those to see the intended and possible formatted post, here's a screenshot -- taken at Koyu.space, also a GS instance, post viewed via Pinafore client.

It looks identical here at Muensterland, as well, as I view and respond via Pinafore once again.

Show thread

And a small snapshot of my busy Tabs list in browser shows that I **really was looking** for some good GlitchSocial instances.

Found a nice one, here.

Thank you, @nipos ! 😺

love for me.


Ein kostenloses und werbefreies soziales Netzwerk für Personen aus Münster und Umgebung - und auch alle anderen!